The above image belongs to the first article I publised: La Fisura Cultural Argentina; with it I wrote and illustrated the first page ever in Spanish in a major newspaper, about electronic art and media culture - Diario Perfil, Argentina 1998. Printed in coulour with low definition, the sharp contrasts you see here today, would be softened by the points of the printer. I create content, images and text that bring awareness, I dislike digital noise.


Gente, Catalonia

I was interviewed about my 6 month performance and exhibition in the heart of the commercial district of Barcelona.


Exhibition of " Art-a-Porter"

Article on the first exhibition of wearable art that I designed for the firma Gratacós in Barcelona


El País, Spain

Journalists Roberta Bosco and Stefano Cardan interviewed me for El País at the Meliá Barcelona - photo Susana Saéz


University, Argentina

Publication of the paper "From Canvas to Screen, between Manet and Dan Arenzon" by Claudia Venturelli


The above image was created for an interview the Spanish newspaper "El País" published about my project Equinox.

"EQUINOX is a collection of 144 digital paintings created by the artist Dan Arenzon between the vernal equinox (20.3.09) and the autumnal equinox (22.9.09) from the rooms of the Meliá Barcelona Hotel.
The instant of creation is made public with cameras that show Dan Arenzon at work and streaming live from his computer. The intimacy of the creative process is shared on the hotel's internal TV and networked to 300 hotels in five continents. EQUINOX opens to the public the most intimate aspect of his creative process allowing the audiences, without any limitation, to view every moment of the proceedings and take part in every art piece from the beginning."


    Melia Magazine

    The depiction of landscape, has accompanied mankind since the beginning, the primitive man has left on stones and caverns his landscapes and his view over the environment... With digital support the depiction of language reaches its utmost expression. Dan Arenzon opens with EQUINOX a new moment in the history of landscape that incorporates the creation of digital art, its processing and communication...

    Cervantes institute, Utrecht

    Information on "100 Years Aida Carballo" exhibition that had me as curator and speaker

    The Electronic Landscape, Venezuela

    Article on my piece, The Electronic Landscape.